Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sean Hannity's Ratings Plummet, But It Gets Worse: Rachel Maddow Surges

In that respect, news of Sean Hannity's ratings plummet is nearly heartening — perhaps a sign that news viewers do indeed want an accurate picture and not partisan stroking, which became an issue for Fox after Mitt Romney's stunning loss in November.Like most news outlets, Fox News has taken a post-election ratings hit -- but it's not as dire as some would have you believe. Don Kaplan of New York Daily News reports that Fox News host Sean Hannity "lost around half of his audience in the weeksSean Hannity's Ratings Fall Big Time. After the election, I think most folks woke the frak up about Fox News, particularly on Sean Hannity's foolishness. His viewers exited the stage. The Daily News asked an importantNew York Daily News: "In a fitting coda to 2012, we've learned that the ratings for rock-ribbed conservative Sean Hannity cratered after Barack Obama won his second term, with viewers tuning out the Fox News ChannelLOS ANGELES (LALATE) - Sean Hannity ratings dropped dramatically after the 2012 presidential election, news reports indicate this week. But while Sean.
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